Leasing: what you need to know

Why should I lease with Hitachi Capital?

  • Hitachi Capital has been funding vehicles for personal and business use for over 30 years.

    We are part of Hitachi Ltd, one of world’s largest and most respected industrial groups. Founded in 1910, the Hitachi Group has over 330,000 employees, across 995 companies globally.

    But doesn’t Hitachi make TVs? That’s not all we do. We’re also one of the world’s largest providers of financial services. What’s more, we’ve supplied everything from data storage solutions to transportation systems to every sector of the European market since 1982.

  • With over three decades’ experience in vehicle leasing – and over a century’s experience providing innovative and pioneering products and services to our customers – you know you’re dealing with a global, trusted brand.

    Start your leasing journey with us today by taking a look at some of our latest  special offers, or find a quote on the vehicle you really want.

Personal leasing options

Who can lease with us? 

Lease deals are available to both business and personal customers. All personal contract hire deals are inclusive of VAT, and business deals are exclusive of VAT.

Contract hire

Here, you’ll pay an initial fee, followed by fixed, monthly payments.

The vehicle is yours to drive throughout your lease period, but you won’t own it. This means you don’t have to worry about depreciation, or selling it on, as we’ll do this for you.

If you choose to add a maintenance package* to your agreement, you won’t need to worry about budgeting for servicing, unexpected repairs or breakdown assistance – it’s taken care of.

At the end of your contract term, hand the vehicle back and, if you decide to renew your lease, just pick a new vehicle.

*Maintenance packages come at an extra cost, which can be built into your monthly payments.

  • Contract hire may suit you if…

    • Your annual mileage is predictable
    • You prefer fixed budgeting, with regular monthly payments
    • You’d like to regularly upgrade your vehicle without the hassle of selling your old one
  • Contract hire may not suit you if…

    • Your mileage is unpredictable
    • You want to own the vehicle at the end of your lease period


Business leasing options

Contract hire

With a business contract hire deal, you select the vehicles you want, pick a lease period to suit (usually between two-four years), and agree an annual mileage limit.

You’ll pay an initial fee, then fixed monthly payments, which will be calculated based on the terms you agree.

As you don’t own the vehicles, they won’t appear on your balance sheet. This means you don’t have to worry about depreciation, and there’s no need to tie up capital in your fleet, as you would with outright purchase.

If you add a maintenance package to your agreement, you don’t need to be concerned about general repairs, servicing and breakdown cover, as it will be included.

If your business is VAT registered, you may claim back up to 50% VAT on vehicles and 100% on maintenance packages.

  • Business contract hire may suit you if…

    • Your annual mileage is predictable
    • You’d prefer to budget for fixed monthly payments
    • You want to be able to regularly upgrade your vehicles without having to sell the old ones on
  • Business contract hire may not suit you if…

    • Your company is not VAT registered
    • Your mileage is unpredictable
    • You want to own vehicles outright


Contract purchase

If opting for a contract purchase deal, you’ll choose the vehicles then agree a lease period and annual mileage. At the end of the agreement, you have the option to hand the vehicle back, renew your agreement and exchange the vehicle for a newer one, or purchase the vehicle outright, with a final balloon payment.

Vehicles will appear on your balance sheet throughout the contract and depreciate over the life of the agreement.

If you only use the vehicles for business use, you can claim back 100% VAT on the purchase price of the vehicle and up to 100% VAT on maintenance packages.

  • Contract purchase may suit you if…

    • Your vehicles are used solely for business
    • You want to own the vehicles, without initially tying up large amounts of capital
    • You’d like flexible options at the end of your agreement
  • Contract purchase may not suit you if…

    • You don’t want to own your fleet outright
    • Vehicles are used privately

How much will it cost me to lease?

  • You’ll pay an initial fee upfront; usually equal to between three-six monthly rentals
  • This will be followed by fixed, monthly payments for the duration of your agreement, which is usually between two-four years
  • If you choose a contract purchase deal, and want to own the vehicle at the end of your agreement, you will also have to pay a final balloon payment*
  • If adding a maintenance package, this will come at an extra cost and can be built into your regular monthly payments**


*This balloon payment is generally equal to the difference between the amount you have paid via monthly payments and the vehicle’s resale value.

**The price of a maintenance package will depend on the vehicle and lease terms you choose.

What’s included in a maintenance package?

Our packages generally include day-to-day repairs, servicing and breakdown cover and are available to both personal and business customers, so you won’t have to worry about budgeting for maintenance, as you would if you owned the vehicle.

*Terms and conditions apply.

  • Our maintenance packages include*:

    • Vehicle servicing
    • Wear and tear repairs
    • Tyres
    • Comprehensive UK breakdown cover
    • Road tax


  • Our maintenance packages don’t include:

    • Windscreen, headlamp glass or wing mirror damage
    • Deep paintwork scratches
    • Road tax increases
    • Top up fluids or oils used between servicing

What happens at the end of my lease?

  • This depends on the lease deal you choose. If opting for contract hire, you give the vehicle back and, if you choose to renew your lease agreement, simply pick a new vehicle.

  • With contract purchase, you’ll have three options at the end of your lease agreement. Either pay a final balloon payment to keep the vehicle, renew your lease for a newer model, or hand it back.

Will I be charged if the vehicle is damaged?

We base what we consider to be fair wear and tear on the BVRLA’s guidelines.

If the damage exceeds this, you may be billed.

  • Surface damage is minor

  • The interior is in good condition

  • Electronics are working

  • You return a full set of keys and documentation

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