Ground support equipment

Keeping vital support services running smoothly

Ground Support Service providers are an integral part of the smooth and safe operation of airports and the aircraft arriving and departing on a daily basis.

Organisations responsible for delivering a wide range of services including the safe transportation of passengers, luggage handling, provision of food for aircraft passengers, cleaning services, removal of waste from aircraft and runway and aircraft maintenance.

Within the airport a diverse range of vehicles are in operation to support the safe and efficient movement of passengers, and the preparation of aircraft.

Ground Support Equipment (GSE) include:

    • Mobile passenger stairs
    • Ambilifts
    • High-lifts
    • Tow tractors
    • Toilet Service units
    • Water Service units
    • Belt Loaders
    • Baggage trailers
    • Refuelling tankers
    • Aircraft cleaning vehicles
    • Aircraft de-icing vehicles
    • Catering trucks
  • The airport is a challenging, time sensitive and high risk environment to operate in. Vehicles can come within close proximity to aircraft; for example lifts and stairs that connect to the aircraft - which if incorrectly operated or have a fault may result in serious damage to the aircraft.

  • This potentially can cost millions of pounds, not just in repairs but delayed or cancelled flights, stranded passengers, expensive penalties and negative PR.

Our approach

Downtime and compliance

The vehicles used to support and service the aircraft are constantly in use and must be available and operational during the short turnaround slots between the aircraft landing and its next scheduled departure time.

With the high capital expenditure on GSE, companies do not tend to factor in additional capacity within their fleet, so do not have extra vehicles at their disposal and short-term hire is not a viable option. So it is imperative vehicles remain compliant and in operation, ensuring any defects are identified and are repaired when the vehicle is not in service, normally during the short window at night when aircraft are not flying.

Safe operation

Ensuring a vehicle operates correctly or identifying faults that may impede its proper and safe performance is imperative in avoiding costly damage to an aircraft or risk the endangerment of vulnerable passengers in a PRM (Passengers with reduced mobility) situation.

Our experienced fleet management solution provides compliance, defect management, downtime, maintenance and reporting services designed to ensure vehicle defects are managed effectively and efficiently and to mitigate potential issues.

High capital expenditure

GSE can be costly investment, with some equipment costing hundreds-of-thousands of pounds to purchase and to maintain. We work with operators to develop and provide the best funding options to meet their business needs; this may include a sale and lease back option on existing owned equipment and the use of contract hire or contract purchase options for new GSE. We can advise you on the best option for your business and provide the right funding model to meet your needs.

Our solution

  • Flexible funding options

    There are many ways of funding your fleet. Hitachi Capital will work with you to understand your business objectives and demonstrate how the implementation of different funding methods can support your aims over the short, medium and longer term. This is especially relevant to GSE as this can have a lifespan of 15 – 20 years if properly maintained.

  • Airside experience

    Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions provides customers with a total outsourcing service for their GSE needs, providing funding, fleet management and consultancy services. With experience gained in providing both highly specialist equipment within other mission critical markets and providing GSE equipment for use at major UK airports, we are well placed to deliver innovative and cost effective solutions to meet the needs of organisations working within this market.

  • Total fleet management

    The smooth operation of your fleet requires a range of services. Administration, compliance, maintenance, defect reporting, servicing and repair, accident management, downtime management, SMR, and telematics. We can provide any and all of these, designed to meet the specific needs of your business.

  • Established partner

    We’ve been providing UK businesses with vehicle support services and funding solutions for over 20 years. By working closely with you, our specialists will find a way to meet your exact needs.

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