Food Transportation

Keeping the UKs biggest brands on the road

  • Transporting thousands of ingredients and food products all over the country calls for extremely high levels of operational precision, as well as meticulous quality control all along the supply and distribution chain.

    At Hitachi Capital, we understand every stage of food transportation, from field to fork and can help you effectively manage your vehicle fleet - from small vans all the way up to 13.6m trailers.

    We provide funding, specialist design and build, and fleet management services for food approved manufacturer and transportation industries.

  • We have been trusted partners in the temperature controlled vehicle sector for over 30 years, making us one of the largest and most experienced providers in this market.

    Our flexible fleet management packages enable you to choose from one product, such as fleet funding, to a range of added value services from vehicle acquisition and in-life management, to vehicle disposal.

    Whatever your fleet requirements, we’ve got it covered.

Our approach

Temperature control

The ability to accurately maintain food temperature control during transport is vital for product quality. This, in turn, helps to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

In worst case scenarios, food that has not been transported at the right temperatures may not be fit for consumption. This not only results in a financial loss for your business – it also creates health and safety risks for your customers.

Our fleet services team has expert knowledge of health and safety and compliance considerations relating to food transportation. Our exacting standards ensure that your fleet stays on the move and in optimal condition.

Time critical

Food freshness is everything, and it all comes down to timing. Delivering the best quality food products relies on your fleet being up and running 24/7. Our specialist downtime management team will plan ahead and schedule vehicle maintenance around operational hours where possible.

They will also conduct proactive vehicle prognosis using market-leading telematics and MI tools - keeping downtime to a minimum and customer satisfaction levels high.

Full fleet management

Keeping a fleet of high mileage and high profile vehicles working efficiently requires experience and expertise.

Our specialist team of sector-specific account managers work together with you to understand your unique operational challenges, and can offer a wide range of flexible fleet management packages to suit your needs.

Specialist vehicles

Every vehicle is designed to meet your specific needs. We listen to each customer’s vision and then advise on an approach that covers everything from the chassis up. Whether your fleet requires fridges, fridge-freezers or ovens, we can source and supply it all for you, ready to go.

We have over 30 years’ experience in specialist vehicle design and build, so you can rest assured your fleet is in safe hands. Our specialist team of engineers manage your vehicle build process from end-to-end, ensuring you always get the highest quality, at the best value.

Our solution

  • Trusted partner

    We work with some of the UK’s best-known and trusted food retailers and manufacturers to help them deliver promises to their customers on a daily basis. Current customers include Ocado, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Apetito and Ginsters.

  • Dedicated support

    We’re proud to use a broad network of quality-assured repairers who maintain and repair all of our food service client vehicles. With 24/7 support systems in place, including refrigeration specialists, along with teams of mobile engineers to help keep vehicles on the road – we’ve got everything in hand.

  • Reporting and MI

    We continuously monitor your fleet, collecting key data from telematics and MI tools. We generate detailed reports, which you can review with your dedicated account manager. This information helps us to identify any operational or driver issues, make fleet performance projections and look at opportunities for improvement on an ongoing basis.

  • 30 years’ expertise

    Late or missed deliveries, poor product quality - we understand the long term impacts of issues such as these. At Hitachi Capital we know the potential problems that your business and customers could experience as a result of ineffective fleet management. We can offer you an all-in-one solution to fund, source, build, manage and maintain your fleet. As one of the largest vehicle leasing providers within the food transportation industry, you can rest assured we understand your business demands. We put our customer needs first, allowing you to focus on your customers.

We’ve developed a very successful partnership with Hitachi Capital. They’ve been excellent service partners, working closely with us in controlling maintenance costs and compliance, downtime and accident management. They suggest new and innovative ways of working, helping us to make savings and efficiencies across our fleet of refrigerated vehicles.

Andrew Gibbons

Continuous Improvement Manager (Fleet)


I feel very positive about the work undertaken by Hitachi Capital on our behalf. It’s good to know that, as a leasing supplier, they are not only willing to work with smaller fleets such as our own, but that they also work hard to meet the unique requirements of those fleets. We needed them to deliver on a number of obligations – specifically around dealership, vehicle and fitting requirements – and these were met in a timely and professional manner.

Will Dexter

Finance Director

Hendra Holiday Park

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