Bulk Liquids

Keeping your fleet on the road

  • At Hitachi Capital we understand the diverse challenges of bulk liquid transportation. Our specialist team has wide-ranging knowledge of all aspects of this sector and in particular, the regulatory requirements associated with transporting hazardous liquids.

  • Whether you require vehicles to transport hazardous or volatile materials such as liquid chemicals, waste, kerosene and diesel, or non-hazardous items such as milk, water, sugar, juices and salt, we go beyond expectations to work as your trusted partner, keeping your fleet available, safe and compliant at all times - so both you and your customers get the service you expect.

Our approach

Managing costs

Specialist vehicles like 26-ton, six-wheeled rigid fuel tankers cost hundreds of thousands of pounds to purchase outright and are expensive to operate and maintain. Our flexible leasing options include contract hire, contract purchase or sale and leaseback, allowing you to choose the option that’s right for your business.

Compliance and safety

Structural integrity testing, leak testing, manhole testing, annual ADR and MOT tests – there’s a lot involved in ensuring your fleet is safe and compliant. Unplanned maintenance doesn’t only impact revenues. Faulty vehicle components can pose serious risk to your customers and drivers when dealing with hazardous materials. Where vehicle safety is concerned, we are concerned.

We offer a full range of maintenance and downtime management services. From vehicle servicing and pneumatic control to electronics and hose reel testing, we’ll work with you to optimise vehicle compliance, availability and safety – ensuring your customers, drivers and reputation are protected.

Diverse needs

Your fleet operates in a variety of environments on a daily basis, so the vehicles you use need to be fit for purpose in all circumstances. An articulated three-axle tractor unit pulling a triaxle 44,000 litre, six-compartment fuel tanker is fine for transporting fuel from the refinery and delivering to a depot, but is of no use delivering heating fuel along winding lanes to homes in the Lake District.

We understand the specific requirements of bulk liquid transportation and can either source, or design and build vehicles that meet and exceed those requirements.

Complete services

Effectively managing a complex vehicle fleet is vital to keeping your services running smoothly. However, fleet management in itself is rarely plain sailing. That’s why we offer a complete range of vehicle services for your tanker fleet.

As well as vehicle funding, we can cover every aspect of a vehicle’s pre- and in-life operation, including servicing, compliance, repairs and regular road-worthiness inspections. From vehicle design and build, to in-life management and disposal, we offer an end-to-end outsourced fleet management solution.

Our solution

  • Flexible funding

    We’ll ensure your contract terms meet your business needs – whether you need to lease specialist tankers, bespoke vehicles or ancillary equipment, or if you require additional fleet management services – our funding packages have got it covered.

  • Total fleet management services

    Whether your vehicles are transporting kerosene, DERV, petrol, chemicals or food-stuffs, we offer a total range of fleet management services to meet your fleet’s specific needs. From compliance, downtime and maintenance management, to reporting and MI, we can take care of any or all aspects of your fleet management.

  • Experienced partners

    We have an established track record of funding and managing tanker fleets transporting hazardous and non-hazardous materials. Our customers include industry-leading companies such as WCF.

  • Specialist vehicles

    Supporting complex fleets - whether you need articulated tanker and tractor units, semi-rigid tankers or fully rigid tankers, Hitachi Capital are not aligned to any one specific partner, so our specialist design and build team can deliver the vehicle that best meets your needs.

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