The Future of Fuel

What is the future of fuel? 

We are at a tipping point. From hydrogen to pure electric, from gas to biodiesel, alternatively fuelled vehicles (AFVs) are already a feature of Britain’s roads. With manufacturers and politicians working to make them even more viable their numbers are only going to increase.

With this in mind, we surveyed 149 fleet professionals to create our Future of Fuel report with insights indicating there is a strong will among businesses to adopt alternative fuels and plans for the future.

Key insights of the Future of Fuel Report include:

    • 62% of fleets now contain AFVs - the most common types being electric and hybrid cars

    • 82% of those surveyed believe that it is important to move towards AFVs

    • 42% of fleets plan to add more AFVs within the next two years

    • 28% of respondents to the survey said that their organisations should be doing more to switch to alternative fuels

    • 73% think the Government can do more

The report also indicated electricity would be approximately 15 pence per mile cheaper than petrol or diesel for vans, and 38 pence per mile cheaper than diesel for HGVs. Over the combined 65.7 billion miles commercial vehicles travel each year, the fuel savings would total approximately £13.7 billion.

Robert Gordon, CEO of Hitachi Capital UK, said:

“Our report shows that alternatively fuelled vehicles are becoming a staple feature of British roads, with businesses leading the way in terms of adoption. The challenge is to deliver the infrastructure to make their usage a viable and attractive option for consumers as well as businesses.

Promisingly, our research revealed that 65% of fleet professionals believe that Clean Air Zones, one of the latest policies designed to encourage the uptake of AFVs, will prove successful.” 

At Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions, our expert team can help you prepare for the future. Whether you’re a fleet manager who wants to discover what other industry professionals are thinking or simply someone seeking to learn more about the range of alternatively fuelled vehicles available, we’re always on hand to guide you.

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