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Delivering 98% fleet availability* - minimising fleet vehicle downtime

Keeping your fleet on the road is vital to the success of your business. Because having just a single vehicle off the road, whether it’s a planned service or the result of an accident or breakdown, could have a significant impact on your business. From lost earnings, additional costs from hiring replacement vehicles, or even worse, damage to your company’s reputation by not meeting your customer needs or contractual obligations.

The cost of fleet vehicle downtime

At Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions we know that no one company is the same, with different priorities and requirements for each fleet. So it is imperative your fleet management partner understands the range of vehicles you operate and has the expertise to quickly and efficiently identify the most cost-effective way of getting your vehicles back on the road.

How to minimise vehicle downtime – our Total Asset Solution

Our Total Asset Solutions approach is a unique service designed to meet the changing needs of the modern fleet. Total Asset Solutions extends beyond cars and vans to cover organisations operating diverse fleets of large trucks, plant machinery and bespoke specialist vehicles and assets.

To support such a broad and complex range of vehicles we have a dedicated team of over 140 specialists. Many of whom started their careers working as garage technicians, fleet managers and engineers. Many also hold professional qualifications (both national and international) such as the Road Haulage Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) and Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply.

Our team is responsible for not just ensuring your fleet achieves a high level of availability, but also that it is safe, compliant and operates efficiently.

*Source – Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions Fleet Operations Dashboard, June 2018

Our downtime management at a glance

  • Dedicated maintenance management and technical support teams
  • 24/7, 365 day a week national breakdown and recovery service provided by the RAC and specialist HGV repairers
  • A national network of skilled and approved suppliers, including repair garages, glass and tyre replacement
  • Efficient scheduling of vehicle bookings for planned events, ensuring downtime is kept to a minimum. Includes scheduling overnight servicing, where appropriate.
  • Develop compliance plans that cover the entire contract of the vehicle
  • Access to online and telephone booking services, minimising driver inconvenience
  • Market-leading online systems, providing end-to-end maintenance authorisation
  • Relief vehicle hire management**
  • Safety-first approach: we ensure that repairers have a quality control process and are individually audited
  • Provide technical support to customers in the set-up of strict maintenance regimes
  • Provide customers and governing bodies with access to our real-time online document management system
  • Manufacturer engagement to support the above etc.

** Not part of our standard offering

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