Fuel Management

Take control of fuel costs and meet operational targets

After the cost of vehicle acquisition, fuel expenditure is typically one of the biggest fleet management overheads. Fuel management, using fuel cards and associated management information, can help you cut the cost of keeping your fleet moving. It can also deliver other advantages, such as reducing administration, increasing fuel purchase security and improving fleet monitoring.

Based on a representative fleet size of 1,000 diesel vehicles and a fuel saving of 1p per litre, for fuel consumption of 2,500 litres per vehicle, per annum, your business could save approximately £20,000 each year through the use of fuel cards.*

For customers who already have an existing fuel card solution, we can work alongside your fuel card supplier to analyse fuel usage data and develop a comprehensive fleet fuel strategy. If you don’t currently work with a fuel card supplier, our partnerships with some of the leading fuel card issuers in the UK can provide you with convenient access to a network of over 8,000 filling stations across the UK.

*this is not a guaranteed saving. Figures based on internal fuel market report.

How it works

Save, save, save

Fuel cards typically reduce fuel expenditure by an average of 1-2p per litre*. Administrative costs can also be decreased through reducing the need for employee fuel expenses processes.

Invaluable management information

In addition to savings made at the pumps, fuel cards provide valuable data that can be used to create and re-shape fuel policies. By analysing and reporting on fuel management information, we can help you to identify opportunities for improvement in areas such as fuel consumption, driver performance and fraud.

Adding telemetry data

By combining fuel management information with telemetry data, we can provide you with accurate projections for fleet performance and costs. This helps formulate and implement strategies to meet your business objectives.


The Benefits

By analysing your fuel management information, we can provide you with accurate projections for fleet performance and costs related to fuel usage. This can assist you in formulating and implementing fuel strategies to meet operational and business objectives.

  • Manage fuel expenditure and consumption
  • Reduce administration and improve payment processes
  • Identify and monitor inefficient, high risk or uneconomical drivers
  • Use management information to create projections on fleet performance and to develop fuel policies
  • Direct your drivers to cheaper filling stations
  • Maximum VAT recovery for your business
  • Improve environmental performance by identifying ways to improve fuel consumption
  • Provide valuable insight to help you to get to grips with your grey fleet drivers

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