Hendra Case Study

How we helped Hendra Holiday Park to source a cost saving, eco-friendly car fleet

  • The Task - Reduce Hendra's fleet costs and environmental impact

  • The Challenge - Work alongside the company's existing local partnerships

  • The Solution - A collaboration that is set to save Hendra over £5,000 per year

How we worked together

The brief from Hendra

With a commitment to supporting local businesses, Hendra Holiday Park has always sourced its own fleet of 20 cars. However, the need for greater cost efficiency and a reduction in their environmental impact led the Hendra team to look for a third party to provide a solution that would benefit both the bottom line and the environment, whilst also sustaining those important local supplier relationships.

The challenge

As an environmentally focused business, Hendra had already successfully reduced its carbon footprint by 80% since 2010. So when its fleet was in need of a refresh, they looked to the ultra-low emission Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV as its car of choice.

However, the challenge the company faced was finding a leasing provider that could negotiate terms with Mitsubishi and also work alongside its nominated local Cornish dealership, Hawkins of Penryn. Hendra needed a heavyweight leasing provider with the skills to work with both international manufacturers and local businesses.

The solution we provided

With a history of creating successful partnerships and working flexibly to meet the needs of each client, Hitachi Capital:

  • Collaborated with Hawkins of Penryn to clarify roles and specify Hendra’s exact requirements
  • Liaised with all parties on vehicle quotations and managed negotiations with Mitsubishi to secure a discount for three initial orders, as well as arranging shipping from Japan
  • Arranged expedited fitting of extra features such as tow bars, through Hitachi Capital’s accessories supplier, V-Group
  • Organised test drives for Hendra employees at their local dealerships
  • Arranged for the team at Hendra to collect their vehicles rather than waiting for them to be delivered
  • Managed the line of communication between Hitachi Capital, Hawkins of Penryn, Hendra and the Hendra employee base

The results

Hitachi Capital anticipated an annual saving of £1,741 for each vehicle, through:

  • Reduced fuel costs as a result of choosing a hybrid vehicle and using Hendra’s onsite electric vehicle charging unit

  • Road tax exemption on all vehicles

  • Lower benefit in kind taxes associated with the Mitshubishi Outlander, at 5%, rather than 25%+ for some of Hendra’s other company cars

  • Eliminating customer-direct delivery costs normally incurred, by transporting three Mitsubishi Outlanders directly to Hawkins of Penryn, where Hendra employees could easily collect their new vehicles

Working flexibly and developing key supplier collaborations, Hitachi Capital has created a fleet solution for Hendra that is set to save the company £5,000 and 246g/km of CO2 a year.

Following this success, Hendra is now considering introducing other hybrid or electric vehicles into its fleet.

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